French Bakery App

BakeryApp is a new mobile application, as an e-commerce of a fictitious bakery located in Montevideo, Uruguay, as part of a Google UX Design Professional Certification Program exercise.

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UX designer


Ramiro Estavillo (me)


6 month
(in progress)


Figma, Adobe Photoshop


BakeryApp needs an online store for its elegant French Bakery, where they will offer their different products, making it easy for the user to buy online, with options such as store pickup or home delivery.


The mobile app allows users to quickly order their French-style baked goods, schedule a secure, contactless in-store pickup or home delivery

Foundational research

In foundational research, my goal was to identify user needs and how to address them from the product. User research data in the foundational research phase is collected through semi-structured and remotely interviews. The data provided from the interviews should help define user problems and help me as a researcher to empathize with the user, build empathy maps and create personas.



Identify, through a semi-structured questionnaire, the pain points, frustrations, needs and goals regarding the purchase of products in bakeries.


Users have problems when choosing products in the bakery.
Users are not satisfied with waiting at the bakery.


Users are interviewed remotely, by WhatsApp video call, previously coordinated date and time.
The interview lasts approximately 30 min.


6 people who meet the following requirements:
  • consume bakery products at least once a week
  • live in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Ages between 18 and 70 years, regardless of sexual orientation.


Points of pain and needs are identified, and then categorized and clustered using Empathy Map.

Empathy Maps


The objective of the empathy map is to identify the pain points and needs of the users interviewed, in order to empathize with the user and be able to provide a solution according to their needs.


Pain points:
  • expect to be attended in the physical store
  • not knowing what to choose
  • lack of healthy varieties
  • suggestions
  • possibility to buy drinks


User Personas

In the next step, the data obtained in the research stage is identified, generating specific User Personas, with the aim of representing the goals and characteristics of the user group as surveyed.

User Story

Then, through User Stories, the key points of goals, desires and frustrations are defined according to the previously obtained data.

User Journey Maps


It seeks to expand the information, placing itself in the position of the user, and identify opportunities for improvement


Some opportunities were identified such as suggestions, product catalogs, facilitating product withdrawal, reviews, order status, discount coupons, among others.
Pain points are also reaffirmed, such as not knowing what to choose, waiting in the store
With this information we proceed to generate the statement of the problem or “Problem Statement

Research summary


In the research stage, users’ pain points were identified through interviews and the Empathy Map, which were expanded and developed through tools such as User Personas, User Story, and Journey Map. Focused on empathizing with the user and also looking for needs and opportunities.


During the research process, it was possible to empathize with the user in the purchase of products in a traditional Uruguayan bakery. In a second stage, user experiences regarding the use of apps for food purchases could be included.

Definition Phase

In the definition phase, the objective is to use the data obtained in the investigation stage to be able to define the user’s problem. Defining goals, pain points, needs and opportunities. It is intended to use tools such as the “Problem Statement”, “Goal Statement”, User Flow, StoryBoards. It is also intended to use a Competitive Audit to expand and focus on opportunities, strengths, weaknesses of competitors.

Problem Statement


Being able to define the goals of the users, and focus on the pain points, centered on the user.


Problems to be dealt with are defined, ease of purchase and withdrawal, in addition to facilitating the selection of products.

Statement of the Hypothesis


Begin to speculate on possible solutions to identified problems.


Possible solutions are identified, such as providing an application that facilitates the selection of products, notifying the user of products and suggestions, as well as a catalog of products according to their categories. Also facilitate and communicate the order process.


If Carlos uses the BakeryApp to order his products
then he will be able to place and pick up his order quickly